Tiffany Designs of Fort Myers, FL is a division of the House of Wu, a formal wear powerhouse which includes lines like Jacqueline bridals, Panoply, Studio 17, Hanna S, and Dere Kiang. The House of Wu has been dressing brides, bridesmaids, teens, children and mothers for decades. Their top prom line, Tiffany has been the most prominent line of prom dresses on the market for many years.

Perhaps best known for their use of hot and bold colors on full-skirted ball gown styles, Tiffany has broken the mold of the typical ball gown. Their styles range from very traditional to slightly fashion forward designs. Tiffany is also well-known for their fantastic advertising spreads in teen magazines across the country. Displaying their prom styles in fun and flirty scenes.

Typically a company of modest design, Tiffany has stepped outside the box in recent years, developing some distinctly funky styles with cut-outs and wild patterns. They have been able to keep up with the competition that tends to push the envelope, while staying true to their traditional roots. It is true design talent, it is Tiffany Designs at the House of Wu.

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